san fermin, a great photography moments

spanish city of pamplona celebrate the “San Fermin” with traditional bull race.

Foto. Copyright. Creative Commons Licensed.

this next post I will write in English especially for my english-speaking visitors or U.S. origin and for  obtain probably (i’m not sure about these), most international difusión.  The result of the particular celebration that has a great call as Spanish popular celebration which is celebrate every year in Pamplona, Navarra (Spain) from July 7 every year the party starts ” San Fermin. “ The high power of international tourist attraction that has earned this popular festival that just 15 years ago enjoyed only the locals, some more than other spanish people near localities of Pamplona, and not spanish nationalities that run with the bulls through the famous streets called “cuesta de santo domingo”, “estafeta” famous streets of Pamplona. The festival of San Fermin has become an international event, where not even the bull have special problems for run for the high presence of people, as the race of fighting bulls is overcrowded, and there is more risk of ending up trampled, crushed by the public participant horned or crossed by the horn of a bull.

In a statistical study performed during this time of festivities running of the bulls in pamplona, nearly 15% of the participants reported having provenance of the United States, go friend, this percentage is very high, followed by other nationalities, and for France too because the nearly distance from our neighbour country. If you should mention that such a famous and renowned international career, which is intended to accompany the bull run over a distance of few kilometers from their place of confinement to the bullring, these run time is not a rodeo, perhaps there is the exit of these run bull show, the similarity in cultural between the two different cultures, Spanish and  northamerican because we do not know if the 15% total viewers from the glorious state of Texas, are the same concept of show,  or places where the tradition of American rodeo there, maybe these high porcentage of american runners have cultural rodeo after experience. At least I think they will not come from Manhattan, why they posible to have problems if they aren’t have run bulfights experience wiht a bravo  bull. At the same time, the city celebrate the photo contest called “el encierro”, based on the photography of the celebration event of the Pamplona San Fermin celebration. on this website, may inform another year if you would like other year to come Pamplona to photography the San Fermin celebration and at his website take you oficial acreditation for media bussines and deliver you valuable information.

Then the person administering the test statistic, ask participants if they know the physical risks of running these bullfight race, in which worst case could lead to the animal gored gave you through some of your vital organs and taunting death, to answered many runners who were unaware of the likelihood of dying compared to an animal like a bull, others countered that if you knew but neither cared. It was Ernest Hemingway as we all know a big fan of both his writing and Spain, and also of bullfighting or pamplona parties, as there are graphic documents and photographs where the figure is present in the bull race of San Fermin. And that’s how this festival has been becoming popular partly perhaps from the northamerican public, to give greater prominence to the event in addition to the cages, there is even a photo contest called this way. Whose pictures can be seen on the website of the newspaper Diario de Navarra , you can see the images of the photographic event running with the bulls. For if there are also a multitude of professional photographers, amateur photographic and all kinds of people instead of running in front of a bull prefer to shoot their cameras by recording the magnitude of the event and the festival of San Fermin. Many organizations claim defense of animals every year for the use made of the animals in most parties of a country like Spain, but are also many others who come to stay with the Spanish festival of San Fermin is, being a photographer / a mute witness not to take sides with either party, then this must conform to witness the event and to record the  experience of  run with a bull, that just occurred. Would the same effect tourism influence the famed novelist Hemingway gave the feast of San Fermin? Possibly not, nor so many Americans come to Spain to know Pamplona. The “San Fermin” celebration finish these weekend. But if you are in Spain in tourism or travel for a vacancy, you ‘re in disposition to move to Buñol in Valencia, to the “La Tomatina” celebration a international battle of tomato flying, the proposite of these celebration is to having fun.

If you’re not to travel in these dates for more obligations to do, you have another oportunity to travel for Spain, and taking photography  at la “Tomatina”. So I’m going to fire you letting them this link so they can admire the San Fermin festival in Pamplona in Pamplona, Spain, and also I will comment that the next big phtotography  event la “tomatina” celebration in the town of Buñol, Valencia where thousands of people will gather again to throw thousands of tons of tomatoes directly in the face, in a battle of armies called “La Tomatina” these festival starting when two groups of men are in two groups of friends decided to throw tomatoes instead of talking to resolve any conflict, the following years as shown in the same discussion, it became to hold the tomato fight, and so during the following years until today. Event also that of the tomato fight is attended by many Spanish and foreign travel to Spain just for the pleasure of launching the tomatoes in a battle proportions. The Tomatina event in the town of Buñol, Valencia, Spain, is celebrating always the last wednesday of August month every year. If you’re intested or you are near Valencia these is a oportunity to making films and taking photos of a crazy tomatoes fight battle, I recommend if  you’re intested to visit la “tomatina festival” take clothes, and do not forget to bring some protection for your eyes and your digital camera, maybe a housing for underwater photography would be appropriate.


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