la tomatina bigest photo ocasion inside a tomatoes-human bigest soup in the world

If you’re not to travel in these dates and doesn’ t have for more obligations to do, you have another oportunity to travel for Spain, and taking photography and filming  at la “Tomatina”. So I’m going to fire you letting them this link so they can admire the San Fermin festival in Pamplona in Pamplona, Spain, and also I will comment that the next big phtotography  event la “tomatina” tomatoe biguest celebration in the town of Buñol, Valencia where thousands and thousands of people will gather again to throw  tons of tomatoes directly in the face, in a battle of armies called “La Tomatina” .

these popular celebration festival starting when two groups of men are in two groups of friends decided to throw tomatoes instead of talking to resolve one conflict, the following years as shown in the same discussion, it became to hold the tomato fight, and so during the following years until today. Event also that of the tomato fight is attended by many Spanish and foreign travel to Spain just for the pleasure of launching the tomatoes in a battle proportions. The Tomatina event in the town of Buñol, Valencia, Spain, is celebrating always the last wednesday of August month every year.

If you’re intested or you are near today Valencia these is a oportunity to making films and taking photos of a crazy tomatoes fight battle, I recommend if  you’re intested to visit la “tomatina festival” take clothes, a shirt don ‘t you like it, and do not forget to bring some protection for your eyes and your digital camera, maybe a housing for underwater photography would be appropriate.

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